The Day We Fight Back

Friday, December 5, 2008

June Dion is my Hero

It is an honor and such a pleasure to be part of this tribute to Bare Rose. The second store I ever went to in SL and the store where I did most of my shopping for the first six months I was in world. Now coming up on my two year rez day, I look back with such admiration and fondness to all the things I learned from this amazing and multi-talented creator. June has been my business model since I began making clothes. Make what you love, dont pidgeon-hole yourself, do as many options as possible, make things transferable and create in abundance at a price everyone can afford. As far as I'm concerned the praise we can give to this fabulous store will never be enough. Thank you...thank you...thank you.

Two of my all time favorite B@R outfits. May you always have a full folder in my inventory Bare Rose!

Outfit: :::B@R::: Baby Alone in Babylon
Skin: [42] Dark Matter_04 (pale)
Hair: Curl Up & Dye "Gwenivere II"
Shoes: Nightshade Court Victorian-Carmine
Outfit: :::B@R:::Baby Hype
Skin: Fleur DNB Lily Shoujo 6
Hair: Here Comes Trouble "Gwindalin"
Shoes: Sn@tch Streetwalkers (Pink Plaid)

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Belladonna said...

*sees her shoes on your tootsies and grins* wewt. That dress is amazing.