The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ivey went to Vegas and all I got was this Lousy Blog Post

I promised you more and I keep my promises.

Probably a good idea that I blog some of my fall things before Xmas lol. The second Cashmere set is all about fall color...again 8 sweaters with a texture changing scarf in lots of stripes, plaids and argyles. Mix and Match all you like...we'll make more -grins-

I love flowy silk and scarves but not like my mom used to wear in the 70s...more glam, more slinky. Starlet is a sweet thick belted pair of pinstriped slacks (yes I used the word my mom uses for pants that aren't jeans) with 6 jewel toned slightly sheer halters and scarf belts. Very rockstar red carpet.
Crazy Little Things V.2 has a brand new hand painted denim skirt in dark blue, faded and black. Very flouncy and "cheeky" with 5 Peasant style tops with light embroidery around the neck and coordinating ruffles in front and back. You can get several great combos from this set and can't beat the price!
A few more items to go!

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