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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Rocker in Me

At heart I'm a punk chick...always have been, always will be even though now I have to color my hair cause of the stray greys not cause I want to lol. I know a lot of you are feelin' me on that one. When I first started Sn@tch there were very few punk/grunge designers around and lots of my faves are gone now. More have popped up in the past few months and I see FAB potential in the. I'll just keep plugging away making punk clothes I feel hot in. Outfits or seperates...these all make great together looks.

Filthy Rumours is a several piece mix-n-match set of off shoulder thermals, bat belted shorts, fishnets and over the knee sport socks. Several wearing options and just damn sexy and casual.
Also put together a set of several different shorts and tights. They come on a buncha layers so add these to your wardrobe for some cold weather-short wearing FUN. Opaque tights have to be my fave thing in the winter.
I didn't take these off for a week after making em. Really low waisted cheetah pattern pants with studded belt and two layer options for tucking. They come in natural, red and white and believe it or not...animal prints are back! Ok well cool animal prints...not jungle leaves and tiger faces like on my redneck cousin's comforter in the trailer. "Road to Hell" comes with three cropped Jean Jackets too.
Thermals are a basic of my cold weather wardrobe. These are very detailed with a button front and off shoulder sleeves. I made two sets...the dulls and the brights. A ton in each pack and they come in shirt and jacket layers.
Okies thats it for now....more in a bit after PIZZA yum. BYE!

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Ana Lutetia said...

The thermals and pants are the hawt