The Day We Fight Back

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowball update!

We had a few reports that a two of our participating vendors got a little ummmm carried away and put out multiple copies of the same items in the hunt. SO....we sent those all back and replaced them with Sn@tch, Illuminati & Forsaken items almost all of them FREE. To the person that chastised my models in the store (eyebrow raise) and me in a notecard for something we didnt know about...screw off, you're banned and muted get your freebies elsewhere. To the nice people in plurk who let us know without calling us names so we could fix the rawk and thanks so much. Now there are 30 more free items in the hunt.

Come hang out with us and explore Pulse and get some cute stuff!

PS I heard Vinnie put out a kinda interesting pearl necklace lol