The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowball Hunt @ Pulse!

RIGHT NOW we are having the GREAT PULSE SNOWBALL HUNT over the whole sim. I personally put out 30 snowballs and other stores on sim have hidden even more. Stores included are mine of course, Retox, Illuminati, Forsaken, Bloodlines, [42], Chaos Lotus and soooo many more. There could be hundreds of snowballs by Christmas who knows!.

Most are absolutely free and some have a small price but those are the GOOD ones! My $50 L snowballs have full outfits inside. Come hunt and get some Xmas cheer...we want to share our snowballs with YOU! Psssst, take a look under the tree outside, there are a few things I snuck under there for you too. Happy Holidays from Sn@tch, Retox and all of us at Pulse.

Luff & PEACE