The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, December 11, 2008

But I Wanted a Barbie Dreamhouse!

Just had to do one more Bare Rose post. Yukio Ida of Illuminati and I got together last night at my house on Asylum to wear a couple of our fave things from B@R and went for a Snow White and Rose Red look. Yuki is wearing It's Only a Paper Moon and I'm in Baby Rose.

LOL this shoot was just fun! I was wondering why there were holes in that box. Yuki has on Holiday Wrap in Pink and I'm wearing Wastland Cowgirl. More details below and more kudos to June Dion and Bare Rose. Send a noobie there today and they will remember you always! Thanks Winter for such a well deserved challenge and for being sooo wicked sessy.


Outfit: B@R It's Only A Paper Moon
Shoes: Falln Angel Creations: Slippers in White
Hair: Kin - Charra in White
Skin: Xtreme Reality Skin - Marie in Pink 2 Baroque

Outfit: B@R Baby Rose
Socks: From B@R Graveyard Hotaru
Shoes: Illuminati JM's Texture Change
Hair: 69 HUG ME (Black)
Skin: Nightshade-Vanity Vixen (fr)


Outfit: B@R Holiday Wrap in Pink
Hair: Kin - Charra in White
Skin: MinaJunk - Harajyuku Skin in PinkRip


Outfit: B@R Wasteland Cowgirl
Hair: Zero Style-Nucco (Dark Chocolate)
Skin: Curio-Sienna (Classic)

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Fel said...

Aww, you two look so cute. Gotta love Bare Rose outfits! *adds it to his list of places to visit today*