The Day We Fight Back

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Done & Done

Heyy I'm caught up with my new release blogging, its a MIRACLE lol. Well until next week. Then I'll be behind again.

I wanted to give some credit where it's due. Most of what I spend my cash on now in SL is for skins, hair and poses. I have a lot of faves I've used in my ads. Without them I'd be bald and orange and standing like a duck and thats just not thanks to the designers of Nomine, Curio, [42], Fleur, Sin Skins Launa Fauna, Rockberry, Illuminati, LAP, Stand, AnnaH, Luth, Torrid, ETD, Philotic Energy, W&Y, O Style, Bishwear, HCT, Magika, Gritty Kitty, Refuge, Cake & Little Heaven. You're all so appreciated, thank you. A special thanks to Danel Kurosawa of Garden of Ku Tattoos. I couldn't live without his amazing work. If I missed anyone, I'll get you next time.

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