The Day We Fight Back

Friday, January 2, 2009

I cant think of a title

It's way too early for me to be awake and I'm brain dead since New Years Eve so, here's s'more stuff. If nothing else I have enthusiam!

I had this top and just couldnt stop making outfits with it. I did promise some customers I'd make a dress with it so here is Hard Candy. In four sexy colors with lace panel trim and black nylons.

Cherry Forever was inspired by a cute cherry texture I found and I went for the rockabilly chick look witha lace trimmed tutu skirt. Puckered bodice cami and ruffled panties. Can be worn with or without the skull clip garters and stockings. The wicked tattoo is Rock&Beers by Danel Kurosawa of Garden of Ku. Check out his shit. IMO the best tatts in SL. You'll see his awesome work in most of my ads.

Pinstripes are a fave of mine and this skirt makes me squeal. All Mad Down Here comes with four babydoll lace trimmed tops and matching kneesocks with sculpted parts.

The Delicious Turtleneck Fuzzy Halter Sweaters come in a ridiculous 10 colors including smexy silver and champagne. These go with EVERYTHING. Try em with jeans, skirts with a jacket. In two layers!

Speaking of the sweater halters...I have a limited edition color in baby pink with white booty shorts as my group gift this week. Come into the main Sn@tch store and take a left in front of the model stands and its right over the lucky chairs. Free through the weekend!
Thanks to the fabulous skin designers at Den-Dou, Nomine, Rockberry and Laqroki for making my av so damn gorgeous!

Ya ya one more post coming...I know I know -eyeroll-

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