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Friday, January 2, 2009

My Faves

I did save my faves for last, also the most recent. I prolly wont be bothering you again for a few more weeks (if you're lucky lol)

The Pleasure Leather Booty shorts are another fervent attempt to show as much skin as possible without getting in too much trouble. So if you want to try on skins in public, these work!
10 Colors and two layers of soft leathery goodness with textured grommet belt. No smears on the inner leg (I SWEAR LL needs to give us more crotch pixels!)

The Dagger Practice Hoodies were inspired by a real life jacket that I LOVE. Deep plunging neckline, sculpted hood and bulky cuffs with a corset lacing up the back. Wear with or without the black ribbed bottom to show a little tummy. These come in 8 lucious colors.
Absolutely my fave thing this week. Such a fan of the Gwen Stefani perfume line I had to do an SL version of her Harajuku doll heads on Pink Kitteh Parts. The set comes with scripted notecard configurable tail, twitching pink ears, star knit and lace legwarmers and paw feet. More coming with the dolls very soon. They are so fun to work with.
Thats it for today...Sorry about the blog blast but I get a wild hair and slam em out all at once lol For the new year who knows! My brain is always on!
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Ana Lutetia said...

The Pleasure Leather Booty shorts are hawt!!

- Ana Lutetia -