The Day We Fight Back

Friday, January 9, 2009

Homicide Designs is BACK!

When an old friend Orchid Zenovka contacted me last month about maybe opening a branch store at a new place called Vagabonds I was of course, interested. When I found out that Vagabonds was owned by Nerolus Mosienko and lilsparklez Sprawl I went omg and when I was told that Homicide designs was re-opening I went APEY. I used to be a stalker of Homicide one of the few honest and slam in your face punk clothing stores in SL that closed down last year due to frustration at some copying problems. Well they're back!! New sim, new stores and full of rage and angst. Tomorrow, January 10th the Vagabonds sim opens with a literal bang from 4 pm til 8 pm SLT featuring DJ Giuseppe Spicoli, live games, tons of givaways and big items in almost every store for $1 L during the opening.

Homicide is now called "ROADKILL" and of course Bruiser's Skins is back. This isnt your average grungy urban sim. The build is fab and it's filled with some of the hottest alternative and punk designers in SL including Twilight Anarchy, Virus Co, Arockalypse, Raw Dolls Raunch, Grim Bros, Juju's Closet, Sociopath, No Mercy, Voodoo Dolls, WMD, Hazard, Mygology, DECO, The Works, The Sea Hole, Rubbles Hobbies, Super Possessed and of course Sn@tch and !ReTox!. We're thrilled to be a part of Vagabonds and can't wait to see you at the party tomorrow. Come on over and bring some attitude and Vokda (thats for me!)

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