The Day We Fight Back

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Sn@tch is Where it's At!

Hey Hey! Told ya I'd be back...I might actually get this done in two or three posts today lol
I'm so slack. Sides Plurk seems to have me addicted to it and I can hardly tear myself away to make stuff much less blog!
After the Harajuku Dolls Kitteh Parts I had to do more. These little babies look so cute in an updo or with ponytails, mixed in with pink roses. They come as a headband AND as barettes so you can wear em all or mix em up. All in one set.

This sweater was a RL online shopping find so I had to recreate it for SL. Six colors with silver swallows and one special multicolor on a black sweater. The "She Swallows" Cardigans are perfect with jeans or any kind of casual pant or skirt.

MORE Kitteh Parts PLZ! These goth/punk versions of my kitteh parts were a request from a customer, I just added the cute little studded knit legwarmers to the kitteh paws. They come in black and black and red with heavily pierced ears (no twitch on these) and a scripted notecard configured tail covered in spikes and leather.

More of course...after a little break -wink-

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Anonymous said...

Hello there I love your pics and items, I was also wondering where the lovely dark kitty skin was from please.