The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursdays are my Hell Day cause I'm scrambling to get the new releases ready for Friday's group notice. I'm actually ahead this week so gonna blog the last few weeks stuff finally whew. It's been a hella week, working on new skins, helping a good friend get their sim rebuilt and dealing with some morons (pretty much normal) Here's some shopping goodness for ya, then relax a little for me. Warning...this may take two posts -wink-

Callico Peasant Tops in 6 colors with sculpted sleeves and a cute flouncy ruffle. Fab with Jeans!

I'm a freak for silver Camo. These pants can be worn three ways, as capris, long or with sculpted wide flare legs. They come with sculpted pockets and two skull tanks in opaque and sheer black and white on two layers.

And of course you know I had to do the capris in a massive amount of colors. 6 actually with scripted texture changing pockets and cuffs.

Let it burn was an idea that I had for a leather jacket awhile back and couldnt find a graphic that really worked til recently. It's named after a line from the Buffy Musical (YES big geek here) The set comes with Laced Leather pants and the short open jacket in six colors with sculpted collar.

Another post coming I think! I'm not even close to done -wink-

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