The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, February 12, 2009

SL's Seedy Underbelly

More stuff from Sn@tch. You know me, I don't blog for three weeks then its all at once, I should really hire someone to do this on a more regular basis lol
The Naive and Not so Naive Skirts come in a ton of colors and mix and match with any top you can imagine!

Some simple cute wifebeater type tanks with an ankh embossed called "Steal This Top" 8 colors in two layers.

Andddd an outfit made from the above sets called appropriately "Steal this Outfit" You get two of the ruffled lolli skirts and 4 of teh cami tops in a set with a sweet little padlocked collar. I dunno if you guys notice this but a lot of my outfit titles are a little sarcastic...go figure lol

These are my fave pants ever and I dunno why I never did em in more colors though I have sold the black ones in a few outfits...I prolly wear these more than any other item I've made. They just look sexy on. 7 colors with a textured laced fly.
I'm gonna spread these out a bit lol...more coming later tonite!

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