The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, February 12, 2009

BOOTS yah!

I have searched my whole SL for platform boots that I really loved and finally I felt confident
enough in my prim skills to make a pair. These are the Sn@tch Misfit Boots. The come in two styles so far, plain black leather and this spiked set with texture changing straps. Definitely will be making more of these.
By far my fave shoes...if you like big clompyFrankenstein shoes, you will go apey for 'em!
The models bugged and bugged me til I made arm warmers. They're strappy, spikey, texture change with 12 different knits, fabrics and animal skins and super cute I think!
Finally got to making those rocker ties I wanted to too! Two styles...plain velvet in a hella lot of colors and some gothic graphic ties in 3 colors and 6 styles.
Anddd lastly for this post, something I put together for the Hunger Line from my red laced leather pants, I made this black suede top with draping shoulders and prim flouncy sleeves called "Wish I Could Stop"
I promise I'm almost caught up lol

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