The Day We Fight Back

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!

Finally getting to the newest stuffs!

"Not a Victim" is my first bloody set in awhile, I just got in a mood and felt like stabbing someone vicariously through design. I know I'm sick. The long cross pattern sweaters are so slinky in two layers and five colors. The soft shaded leather pants come in a bloody and clean version, so before and after the stabbing lol

"Horror Business" combines a skull and crossbones embossed top in a cropped and long version with a big flouncy pinstripe and lace lolita skirt and opaque fishnet nylons. The shorty necktie is attached to the sculpted collar and comes in red and tintable white. This gorgeous skin is from the Snow White & Rose Red set from Nomine.

I made more belly rings, dangly feminine silver and five color gems and my personal onyx star belly ring. Super cheap for six pieces and all trans so you can share with friends.

I put off making zebra pants for a long time cause I couldnt find a texture that tiled really well. A little fiddling and I finally made one myself. The set comes with the belted pants in five colors, 3 back laced cropped corsets, bandea fishnet top and nipple tape. Rob named this set "Rock Out with your Glock Out" for the glock design on the corset haha I loved it and had to use it. Corsets also sold seperately in a big fatpack of colors.
Of everything I make the fishnet collections have ALWAYS been the biggest seller. This is my fourth set. You get 16 different peices in almost all layers including a full bikini, gloves, booty shorts, tights, stockings, a bandeau top, full length jacket and one I call bare all. Two different nipple tapes (one tintable) and striped fishnet kneesocks. Wicked cheap in more ways than one lol
I might be able to finish this mess in one more post! More coming!

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