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Friday, February 13, 2009

Your Lucky Day!

ya cause this is my last post for a bit lol.

I'm so in love...with these boots. Chunky heels, buckled strap, fabric bunches at the ankles so cute and so Metro. Black leather sleek slip on boots with texture changing tops. 12 textures include pink and teal knits, red stripes, checks, skulls, pinstripes, purple ruffles, pink stars and of course red plaid. You will never run out of ways to wear these!

Every pic I saw of my mom who was a young girl in the 40s, she was wearing this dress. Too bad I didnt have saddle shoes to wear in the ad! I did add the lace for a bit of sexy. It's a plaid button down with sculpted pointed collar and a high waisted skirt which is a little longer than the ones I usually do. "Hep Chick" also comes with two pairs of lace ruffled socks in black and white. I may do more vintage soooon.

Wicked sexy leopard body suits called "Sex Kitten" I saw Scarlett Johansson wearing this in allure and had to make it in a buncha colors. Comes with sculpted sleeves and collar and you can wear with our without the jacket layer belts in silver and gold. Six hot colors and they look fab tucked into pants or with skirts too!

Long velvet witchy skirts in six jewel tones with black ruffles. These ride low and can be worn alone or with this neat sculpted leather and skull belt. I called em "Spellbound" after the Sioxsie & the Banshees song. This so reminds me of stuff I used to wear in my lost goth days lol

It's a "SOCKFEST" and this is only a sample of the corseted knit kneesocks, I also did skully striped socks and cherry socks in a bunch o colors. 10 pairs for super cheap.
Whew...ok tired of blogging, back to the grindstone errr the paintshop. Seeeeya

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Ana Lutetia said...

*loves Heep Chick and Sex Kitten*
they are yummy! <3