The Day We Fight Back

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Sn@tch is NOW

All your favorite alternative shops in a post apocalyptic nightmare of epic proportions. The aliens have come...the humans are gone and plants and insects rule the city. Something has gotten out of the quarantine area and the city gates are open letting loose every foul beast imaginable or perhaps even letting some IN. Watch your step, the old ones have their eye on you. Sn@tch City...the Future begins NOW!
8 main stores including
Sn@tch, The Hunger, !ReTox!, [Gauze], Forsaken, [42], A-Bomb and Tyranny. Fabulous Branch Stores from Fukmi, Nekoriffic, Urban Dysfunction, Stringer Mausoleum, Pretty-N-Punk, Worldwide Ind. Blood & Scars, Splintered Gallery, Silver Wheel, Virtual Poses & Props, Fear & Clothing, WoE & RARA AVIS.

A huge thank you to everyone that made this possible...especially my sweet man Roblem (I don't tell you often enough how cool you are) Yukio Ida for all his help and unconditional friendship (as well as these fabulous pics) My wonderful friends and SL family, the Sn@tch Models and Managers, and all my customers. I could never have done this without all of you.

Now here's some awesome pics! Sn@tch City is open! Tons of specials in a lot of the stores including mine so come by this weekend!


TeSa said...

wow Ivey Looks awesome, can't wait to see it! Congrats to you!

Sulaas said...

Congrats Ivey... Looks Fantastic...