The Day We Fight Back

Monday, April 27, 2009


Lots new since last I posted. Skipping the fomalities, on with the stuff!

Anarchy Elf~ Gartered Jeans in Six Colors with Cropped Embossed Sweater & Fishnets
Punk Purple Kitteh Parts with Pierced Ears, Spiked Scripted Tail, Studded Legwarmers & Paw Feet
StreetMeat Manifesto~With Black & Blue Rolled Jeans and several Skull Tops

Finger Lickin Dead Jeans with flame patterns in Six Colors

Galm Crapris in Six Colors with Skull buckle and studded belt

Better Off Dead Cropped Thermal Tops with skull pattern

Big Fat Smash Kicks~ Black Chunky Platform Sneakers with Texture Changing Laces and 12 Texture Legwarmers
More Coming...not done yet!

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