The Day We Fight Back

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ketchup Pt 2

Part two of me being a lazy as hell blogger lol

I did the Almost Innocent Tops awhile back and had a ton of requests for pastels. The Innocent Tops come in six pale colors including "angelic" white. Sculpted Sleeves are optional.

Post Apocalypse Picnic is a HUGE Net Tutu with several checkered picnic blanket cropped blouses.

My very fave things the Dirty Biker Cuffs~These come in black and brown leather with stitching and silver buckles for wrists and upper arms. Absolutely mod and unisex

Cheeky tops~ a few months ago I did one of these as a freebie, here's lots more colors

Camo Lolli~I would say Lolita but LL might smack my hand. You get three dresses in silver, brown and green camo with net underskirt and panel and ripped black and brown tights

Bongwater Bikinis, 2 styles on 2 layers in 10 colors

Blue Light Special Corset Tops with optional sheer black ruffles. Lots of panels and cut super low!
Thats it for now, more tomorrow!
Luff & PEACE
PS:Don't be clickin on mah man!

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