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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fashion Designers Challenge or I'm such a TEASE

The FDC event has been a ton of fun and a great experience. I adore doing these kinds of things cause making something so completely out of my element really expands my experience as a designer and gives me incentive and really...permission to try new things. As most of you know, I make punk/club and goth clothes and accessories for the most part. My challenge was to do a simple ladies classic suit. WTF...first thing I thought was how boring! But omg, its not as easy as you would think! This turned out to be a huge challenge for me and I actually had to rein myself in from my usual processes and keep it toned down. What came out of it I think its a good mix of the challenge outline and my own personal style. I really hope everyone likes it and thanks to everyone involved in this event. Come see all the stuff when you can. It's really amazing.

Ok on to the nasty details! All I can do is show you a little teaser of the ad now cause we're all gonna be blogging each other over the next few weeks and the fashion show is later today, so if you wanna come see all the fabulousness, click a link!

What happens when 35 well known fashion designers decide to inspire and challenge each other to create? Fashion Designers Challenge!
Today YOU will have the opportunity to join us to witness!

Timeless Fashion Agency is presenting the Fashion Shows with the results of the designers creations during the following dates:
1st Fashion Show: Tuesday, May/5th at NOON SLTat Patch Thibaus Auditorium / SLURL:
2nd Fashion Show: Saturday, May/16th at 6pm SLTat Patch Thibaus Auditorium / SLURL:

FDC creations will also be featured on a TV Show, May/11th at 7pm SLT, at Moda Fashion Spotlight. You will be able to watch it here:

Two temporary stores with all FDC products will be open to the public later today, after the fashion show, and the doors will be gone after May/17th. The stores are located at:

The Road to Oz (157, 137, 25) - SLURL:

Designers Challenged: (Thats me down there -points-)
Aleri Darkes, Alexandar Vargas, Amutey Decuir, Annah Whitfield, Anubis Hartunian, Candy Cerveau, Clio Cardiff, Danielle Harrop, Digit Darkes, Eolande Elvehjem, Felicity Overlord, Ina Centaur, Indyra Seigo, Ivey Deschanel, Jamie Holmer, Kesseret Steeplechase, Leah McCullough, Mew Denimore, Mouse Mimistrobell, Nardya Rousselot, Neferia Abel, Nyte Vargas, Pushbutton Skolnick, Samsara Nishi, SavannahAnn McMillan, Sevenstar Amat, Sheltered Heart, Shir Dryke, Sioxie Legend, Sofi Sullivan, SySy Chapman, Tatianna Faulkes, Tigerlily Koi, Tuli Asturias and Wiccan Sojourner.
Hope to see you there soon!

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