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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring Cleaning at Sn@tch

I knowwww...lame title but it's too pretty to hang out typing now. So this is just a reprint of what was in my group notice this week lol. In case you didnt know...we're having a spring sale!

I'm just gonna cut to the damn chase and tell you all we're having a 50% off sale this weekend. It started yesterday morning after Rob and I got done marking down EVERY vendor in the store lol. Man...what a job. Anyways...all outfits, separates, shoes, boots, accessories, kitteh things, mens, skins, eyes, shapes, hair...ALL HALF OFF through Monday! It's spring cleaning time and man I cant believe we've had the new sim almost four months already...that blows me away how time flies I swear.

The only things I didnt mark down were the free and cheap room cause well thats ultra cheap already. Even the stuff on the new release wall is marked 50% off including "FERAL" the new sheer dress set. After the polka dot versions week before last I had people asking me over and over to make prints so here they are in cheetah, camo, zebra, plaid and my fave PONY...the fatpack of five is only 175 L! The price of just one separately!

Ok thats enough exclaimation points I think LOL. I wanted to let you know too in advance that I'm going to be doing my freebies a little different after this last month and alla the controversy. I really want to reward my regular customers and yet keep the lag down on release days for you guys too. I love to give you things. It's absolutely one of my fave things to do so...I'll still keep up with the lucky chairs, fortune teller and riotvender, plus we're gonna be having some new games, mysteries with prizes and I'm getting fishing for outfits realllly soon, hopefully by next week.

ALSO...I'm going to open a Sn@tch VIP group. Don't look yet cause its not open. When I do have it set up, prolly by Monday I'll let you all know. It's going to be a paid in world group and everyone in it will get great free stuff all the time. The cool thing guys, all my regular customers and SoM group members will have a free pass before it goes to a paid basis. I'll let you know as soon as its ready. I'd much rather send you all things than have you have to battle the freebie grabber lag on release days.

Thats it for me, I'm out for a bit to do some RL stuff. If you find something thats not marked down, please let me know or let a model or manager know and be patient I'll get back to you as soon as I can and fix it. With so much stuff its easy to miss something in there lol.
Just a last minute note about bullies in SL and on blogs and online communities. Please if you see someone being unfairly harassed or picked on and you know its not something, say something. Don't be afraid and don't let it continue cause you wouldnt stand up for someone and be true! In the immortal words of Bill and Ted...Be Excellent to each other! Heyy one more exclaimation point isnt gonna kill ya.

To all the bloggers that show my stuff...I love you guys and thank you for all you do....muah!

I'm sending as many as I can think of a big bag of Sn@tch in world and a personal note of thanks for blogging me over the last year. If I missed anyone, my apologies!

Now come down to the SALE, only 2 and a half days left!

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