The Day We Fight Back

Monday, January 18, 2010

Kali-Bhadra Avatar from Sn@tch for Rezzable's Greenies

I am always ready to jump into a Rezzable event with both feet and arms flailing and when Winter contacted me about doing my fifth for the Greenies-2010 Future is Now program I was thrilled to say the least. The theme is one of my absolute favorites and thus the Kali-Bhadra Avatar evolved. Starting with an idea of the cyber alien manufatured of biological and mechanical parts she became a representation of the Hindu Goddess Kali taken to the future. The name Kali (or Kala's) origins mean black and death but since in folklore has come to mean "force of time" She is the goddess or war but also the goddess of time and change. The avatar comes with skin, eyes, horns, nail color, boots, hair, multiple flexy coil tentacles and various coil connections to complete this wickedly sexy and futuristic look. Whether you consider her a warrior or a goddess or both is up to you. She was a blast to make and I hope you enjoy wearing her or at least enjoy the pictures. Sorry but the Green version will be a prize in an upcoming contest and is not available for sale. You can get the blue one and see all the other amazing creations here


Roblem Hogarth said...

See how great that all looks when you bother to plug the attachments in! LOL

SLJylliecat said...

I can't find this av anywhere - wth?

Ivey Deschanel said...

It's only at the Greenies Sim for now. After the last day of the show it will be available in the main Sn@tch store