The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The newest from Sn@tch

Good morninggg...hope you're having a fab Sunday. I'm finally caught up with the bloggage (for the new releases anyways) these are the latest from Sn@tch. Lots of ribbed tanks and sexy dresses, jeans & tee sets. Casual and easy and lots of colors for very little money. My faves are the little cropped sweat jackets at the bottom. A staple for spring when it gets here. Come on Spring!


Anonymous said...

Ah, beautiful stuff as always :) I haven't been in your shop for months. I was just reading back several pages and found lots of goodies to go and look at. And the tattoos caught my eye. Your design, or somebody else's work? This "lower" tattoo.... lol. I must get it!

Ivey Deschanel said...

Thank you! That tatt is called Power Doll and its from I <3 Rien. One of my faves!