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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brand New at Sn@tch

The perfect edition to your spring wardrobe are the Buffy Platform Combat Boots covered in flowers in two color sets with color changing laces. I really wanted a way to combine black (my wardrobe staple) with spring colors and adding a girlie twist. Hope you love as much as I do.

Brand new hand painted and shaded ultra low rise jeans with an almost classic cropped pinstriped cardigan set in five colors The jeans are beltless so add your favorite belt or sash.
The cropped cardigans in lots of colors for one awesome price
loungy sexy long drapped halters with a low back and shiny silver cheetah pants with sculpted flare legs. Rich intense colors and fab for the club.
Silky draped halter bodysuits with sculpted chiffon off shoulder sleeves and sheer chiffon full skirts in three gothic and classic colors. The perfect party dress.
More pastels! Yes I am learning to like them so thank you to all my customers for your requests. Frosted pastel halters with faded ultra low rise blue jeans.
A whole pack of the lounge halters in 8 rich saturated colors
It's getting hot outside and this is just right for that outdoor party or indoor fun. 6 one shoulder draped crop tops with geometric patterns and a super small denim mini in grey and black. I threw in fishnets for that little extra something trashy.

Thats it for today. Check back on Wednesday for the Humpday Special and Friday for this week's wicked sexy new releases at Sn@tch. Best prices, biggest selection and man do I sound like an informercial or wha? No julienne fries for you!

See you soon!

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