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Friday, April 2, 2010

In the Ring at Black Bacchanal

To the almost overpowering scent of sawdust, popcorn and exotic beasties and the slow lilting melody of the hurdy gurdy from outside the swaying tent, you settle in on the worn pine wood bench. Whispers all around you.

Sudden silence as lights dim and a single spot bursts into the middle of the center ring where the Master begins his sing song speech extolling the prowess of the acrobats, the bravery of the tightrope walker and the hilarity of the clowns.

Anticipation and curiosity drag your body forwards, leaning in wide eyed as you watch the parade, the death defying feats, the whimsy and creep of the dark circus and give your soul to the eerie pageant forever. They have you.

In the Ring by Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch for the Black Bacchanal.
Available for incredible prices at Silent Sparrow's The Rookery.
Several Amazing Dark Designers Featured for a limited time

Sn@tch Plush Skin/Freckles the Clown with Nose ($113 L)
Sn@tch In the Ring Corset Dress with Two Skirt Styles
Fishnet Socks & Unholy Nipple Tape ($113 L)
Sn@tch In the Ring Striped Silk Pants and Mini Skirt with One Legged Stocking (Both $31 L)
Sn@tch Hypno Animated Belly Ring ($13 L)

Sn@tch Leather Spiked Bangles
Sn@tch Hippie Choker
Sn@tch Buffy Platform Combat Boots
Sn@tch Boots of Fate
Sn@tch Stems Latex Knee Boots
Sn@tch Pavo Earrings

Hair by Little Heaven

Thanks to Wrenja and all the Bloggers over at Love/Hate

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