The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Great Deals, Free Stuff & Pink Shirts

R U Following Me is in the Riot Vendor for a ridiculously low price with enough people around. Sweaters with and without white buttondowns, black mini and socks included.

There's a brand new fishing outfit in the store pond called Rock Kitten.
19 pieces in this rawrrr sexy set all in cheetah & black leather. You can fish for the jacket with fur collar and cuffs, leather laced bust corset, leather capris with sculpted cuffs, cheetah bikini, shoes, cheetah ring, choker and gloves or you can just buy the whole set without waiting from the poster over the pond.

I also have something special to share with you. Most of you guys know that I'm a very strong fighter for tolerance, acceptance and equality for everyone. I think you should always be true to who you are and in turn expect others to allow you the right to be yourself. I also take a firm stand against bullying in all forms, personal, public, cyber etc., so Pink Shirt Day is very important to me. Wednesday April 14, 2010 to show solidarity and to take a visible supportive stand against Bullying, we will all wear a pink shirt. Lots of designers will be offering pink things and lots more to get the word out about this very important day. Take a stand against bullies and show them that it's not acceptable to belittle, trash and denigrate others for ANY reason. When you see or hear someone doing this, PLEASE do the right thing and tell them it's not ok. Here is my gift for Pink shirt day called "Back Off". It includes sheer stockings and two skirt styles and you can get it and the info on Pink Shirt Day 2010 by clicking the poster the middle of the lobby. Please spread the info inside to your friends and wear PINK! Check out these sites for more info on how you can make a difference.

And here's the Sn@tch Slurl if you wanna come by! -waves to Sanura- LOL

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