The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Releases at Sn@tch

I loveee this its so cute. You get two denim strappy overall dresses with high waists and five ribbed V-Neck tees for one very low price. A sexy look with mary janes or casual and perky with sneakers

These corsets are a DEAL! animal prints, fishnet, velvet, lace and plaid and I threw in a plain black one so you get NINE corsets total. Laced up the back these are so hot. Wear over any dress or outfit to goth it up.

I lustttt these shoes. Sculpts made by the super talented Caterina Canning. I added a T-strap and sculpted foot with ankle sock. the socks are texture change on click with 12 color textures.

Been wanting to make some more classic plaid and what better way than with punk short capris with silver studs and leather cuffs. 8 colors and ORANGE! I never do orange lol

I made some Vinyl Pants awhile back but they were all frou frou with a studded belt and big buckle. These are simple, black belted and wayyyy lower. I love the challenge of showing hip bone without showing ass crack lol

Some basic Deep V-Neck ribbed tees that go with EVERYTHING in 8 colors and on 2 layers

If anyone knows the play Rent, they'll recognize the title of this set of tops. Cropped rubber textured tanks on two layers in 8 fab colors and I even included a bublegum pink in honor of "Pink Shirt Day" coming up. The back which you cant see in this ad pic is completely open and laced up. It's wicked sexy

Come see us at Sn@tch and find some of the best deals in SL in sexy rocker wear, casual spring looks, classic glamour and gothic!


Ari said...

I wish I could come back, I'm missing out on all the cute awesome. And you guys too

Geeky Freaks said...

Always impressed Ivey! You're creations still impress with each new release. We've added you to our blog roll and since half my inventory is from your shop we'll be linking to your store often! Hugs and kisses from the Geekyfreak squad.