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Friday, April 30, 2010

Shameful Self Promotion...

Mad said I should do shameful instead of shameless so I'm giving it a whirl. So far I like it :)) The New Release wall is loaded up and ready to go with all manner of spring and early summer fun and hijinx LOL Check it out!

Ok I did these just for fun and mannn were they a lot of work to put together. They are here! Sn@tch Superstar Wetsuits LOL. Three color combos so far. 23 peices in each set for a whole mess of possible combinations. They include 2 bikinis and a one peice tank suit, 2 pairs of low waist pants with sculpted cuffs and a full body wetsuit. Mix and match the pieces for your own hot surfer look! You can't beat this price with a stick!

Nice neutral muted color shorts (way odd for me I know lol) but who doesnt need classic khaki for their wardrobe in the summer? I made knee length capris and a shorter burmuda length in six faded out colors. These look adorable with kneesocks and heels or scuffing around in sneaks or even pair with a bikini top at the beach. Spring/Summer staple for me!

I had fun making these pretty feminine buttondown camisoles. I knowww what's with the pastels Ivey? Well its spring and I guess I'm just in that mood lately. I've been getting really frustrated with doing a good neckline with a thin strap so Rob made me these awesome sculpted string halter straps. They're just one prim and easy to adjust to your tatas and YAY no creepy neck smear!

These started out as something totally different LOL I think they came out cute though with a little retro sailor suit kinda look. There are actually 8 colors in the pack. I think I'm gaining weight and I cant fit 8 images of myself in the ads anymore haha. Brown is the color not shown anyways :))

Love Love these. Shiny black lowrise jean capris with little fleur de lis all over them in 8 colors (black not shown) Sculpted Cuffs included too but can be worn without. These look hot on!

YAY time to relax and enjoy my weekend. I'll be over at the Alternative Fair later doing some last minute grabby hands to get some stuff that will be GONE soon when the fair is over and to donate to Nothing But Nets to help stop the spread of Malaria and the devastating effects of the illnesses and infections it causes in poor areas of Africa and India. Please help if you can by shopping at the fair or donating in a store with our charity kiosks. Every Linden goes to help save a life! Thanks so much.

See you in church!

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