The Day We Fight Back

Friday, April 30, 2010

Because I Can't Seem to Blog...

when the stuff actually comes out LOL here are last week's new releases and a follow up post with this week's stuff. A tiny bit of commentary between but not much cause it's Friday and I wanna have fun!

Dirty Pop was a the first thing I made this week so thats going first. It's a plaid and color block empire dress very flirty with two skirt styles, sculpted shoulder straps and studded black socks and actually sold separately! I do this very rarely but I wanted more colors so I split em up for $175 L each. You can also buy them all together for a much lower price. I have a special color of this at the Fair that will only be available there for a donation.

The Lil Nipper dresses kind of have a story but I wont go into it too much lets just say I was gonna call em the Nipplebuckle Dresses and I picked LIL NIPPER instead. Each pack comes with six colors with attached suspenders and a slim and flouncy mini skirt for two different looks. Each set also comes with two optional sheer undershirts in black and white. They are both tintable so you can do more colors. I did a bright set and a darks set. These are my faves this week. I hope you like!

The Cord Zip Ups and Hardware pants were made to go together and I did a set called Jetway with them (I kinda have a girl crush on Joan Jett lately so this was made with her in mind) But you can also get them in separate packs if you want all the colors

The studded socks from the Dirty Pop outfit in a bunch of different colors too!

And that brings us to the end of our riviting Sn@tch update til the next one when I catch up again LOL Thanksss for reading and come see us at Sn@tch and at our last weekend at the Alternative FAIR! Nothing But Nets FTW!!!

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