The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Blue Light is Spinning!

The Weekly Wednesday Blue Light Special cause it's a little different this week. Occasionally I'll get a wild hair and do a build instead of clothes and this is one of those weeks. What started out as a cute little tea house got a little darker and more sulty and became the Sn@tch Opium Den. It's a 10x18 build with plenty of cuddling room and it's stocked with furniture and accessories. You get the building itself with sliding paper doors and walls, pergola roof and a little patio. It has a recessed window inside thats perfect to decorate and a sunken floor and sisal rug. 

It's very cute on it's own but add in all the furniture peices like two velvety couches, a tatami table, lamps, a potted plant, candle and tons of pillows and you have a swanky atmosphere for all your friends to hang out in. Each couch comes with 9 different poses so it's the perfect place to lounge. The building is also great for other things too. I think it would make a really cute little shop! Come check it out. I have a sample one up on the roof and you can TP up there to check it all out from the vendor in the main showroom. Roll around in the pillows a little and you'll see how comfy this is.
You get all this for ONLY $75 L just for today. Tomorrow it goes back up to the regular price so come by Sn@tch and grab one for this awesome price while you can!

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