The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Zombie Popcorn at Sn@tch

  If you love wonderful alternative/horror/fun stuff and you don't know about the Zombie Popcorn Hunt that starts NEED to. This is one of the very few hunts I actually go on, myself cause I know the products are gonna be awesome and a blast to wear and use & the stores are all places I will love. Start HERE and do it!
Sn@tch's gift is the "Doubletap Messenger Bag" with zombie print. When you or anyone else clicks it they get my fave Zombieland Rule and a Tasty Brain to EAT.
You can get it HERE just look for the little Zombie Popcorn bag.
More Info about all the stuff on the hunt, hints and pics, check out the 

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Burenrings Crystal said...

Hi Ivey. ZombiePopCorn is a very fun hunt and your gift is awesome. I would like to know if is there a rss flux for this blog ? Easier to never miss a post ^^