The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mini Hunt at the Shopatorium with Sn@tch

Come get this sweet outfit from Sn@tch in the Mini Hunt at the Shopatorium at Galinas. Silky Purple Camisole with lace edging and long black denim skirt with purple silk underskirt FREE. Just find the ice cream treat in the Sn@tch satellite store!
Come hunt for creamy frozen treats that contain great gifts from Shopatorium merchants like Sable Rose, Perdition Ave., Sn@tch, Pooka Creations, =sel=, Primagine Jewelry, .:CoLLisions:., Tatty Soup, Sanctity/Cynicysm, Poetic Poses, [Scarlia], Has Been, Oddment, and the list goes on and on!
The hunt goes on until August 31 and participating stores can offer more than one gift, trade out their gifts, or join the hunt after today since it is not a hunt in numerical order — so stop by often!

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