The Day We Fight Back

Friday, September 24, 2010

Oodles of Sn@tch

 Cropped Hoodies with Sculpted Bottom and Hood 8 Colors only $250 L
7 Polka Dot Tops With Sheer Sculpted Sleeves & Black Bubble Skirt with Corset
Sculpted Bubble Skirts with Sheer Over Layer and Ribbed Corset $275 L
9 Pairs of Tights with Coordinating Socks and Scrunched Cuffs/Mix & Match!
9 More Colors in Pales and Pastels/Both Sets only $200 L each
5 Grungy Diamond Pattern Boateck Tops & Coordinating Flat Front Buttoned Flexy Skirts $250 L
Perfect for Back to School. 3 Cropped Sculpted Hoodies with 7 Plaid Button Front Minis
Come check Out Our Main Store for the Riot Vendor, Fortune Teller, Fishing for Fab Outfits & the Random Prize Giver. See the Bargain Pit for fantastic deals and lots of Freebies. We have it all at Sn@tch!

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