The Day We Fight Back

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sn@tch at the SCDisco Deals & Riot Room

The Madge Suit-Brown Tweed with Ruffled Blouse, Sculpted Collar & Belt
& Flexy Sleeves. Available Today Only at the Disco Deals Room then it's GONE! 
We Spell Rowdy Sweater Dresses-5 Dresses with Sculpted Skirts & Belt
At the SCD Riot Room for $75 L if enough people are around

The first SCDisco Deals ever is open now for residents to come and partake in the special deals!
Stores participating are:
C&D Designs
Dark Mouse
Karizmatik Moderns
AND yes ME!-Sn@tch
This is the first of many Disco Deals and will occur for 24 hours on the first friday of every month!

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