The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Potpourri Sn@tch

*waves*  Hiya Sn@tchlettes I am back from the dead, or so it felt like with that bug that was going around. I wanted to show you a mix of Ivey's newest releases from the past two weeks.  Enjoy! 

Outfit:  Sn@tch Angel Myers
Jewelry:  Sn@tch Drops of Vanity
Hair:  Exile
Skin:  .Ploom.

Dress:  Sn@tch Bronwyn Tube Dress
Hair:  Damselfly
Skin:  Al Vulo
Makeup:  [Mock]
Jewelry:  Mandala

Dress:  Sn@tch Eliza Beth Dress
Hair: Slink
Skin:  Mother Goose

Outfit:  Sn@tch Fox Force Five
Hair:  Exile
Skin:  LAQ
Lip gloss: [Mock]

Outfit:  Marley
Hair:  .b.
Skin:  Curio

Top:  Sn@tch
Pants:  Christina Floral Pants
Hair:  Exile
Skin:  Al Vulo

Whatcha waiting come join us at Sn@tch

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