The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hi Sn@tch Subscribers, Friends and VIPs!

 Right now only at the Sn@tch Main Store, EVERYTHING is 50% to 75% OFF and you may find a few $10L and $25L and $50L and even FREE things MIXED IN! So get over here and take advantage of these prices!

For 5 DAYS ONLY....You can get the ABSOLUTE BEST deals at the Sn@tch Main Store. 50% to 75% Off Almost EVERYTHING*. All our already low priced full outfits and fatpacks of separates for between $35L and $150L. Shoes and Boots, Jewelry & Accessories from $25 L. Skins from $50 L, Off the Rack Outfits all priced at $75L. Hair, Eyes, Lingerie, Socks & Stockings for the lowest prices EVER!

Check out Sn@tch NOW and get all those outfit's you've been wanting. Now is the time to use your gift cards and get TWICE what they're worth. While you're here check out our game room for awesome Riot Vendor deals and a Brand New Fishing Outfit!

From Today through Monday we are totally saving you cash! Take advantage of these fantastic prices and see why Sn@tch is one of Second Life's favorite discount alternative, casual, gothic and rocker clothing stores. Here's your TAXI and thank you to all our customers who make doing this such a pleasure!

Ride to Sn@tch

PS: Thanks to the gorgeous and talented Delusional Grantham for taking these pics with me! Check out her blog for much more at

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