The Day We Fight Back

Friday, June 29, 2012

My Petite Sn@tch

*eye rolls*  Sorry but you know I just had to do that title!  I am soooo excited about Ivey doing outfits for Petites and a little bird *cough* told me there are more to come!  But before I get ahead of myself let me share with you Sn@tch's newest releases in the Petite line.

Outfit:  Sn@tch PETITES Hell Followed Her
Avatar:  Plastik
Hair:  W&Y

 Outfit:  Sn@tch PETITES Dahlia Organza
Avatar:  Al Vulo
Hair:  Wasabi Pills

 Outfit:  Sn@tch PETITES Goddess Gown
Avatar:  ND/MD
Hair:  Truth

 Outfit:  Sn@tch PETITES Minnie 
Avatar:  Fallen Gods
Hair:  CaTwA

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