The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Retro Sn@tch

*waves* I'm here to show you how to put your Sn@tch together today. I love how you can mix and match almost all your Sn@tch.

Style Card:

:::Sn@tch Patrona After Dark - Glida Blouse Black
:::Sn@tch Mesh Tempted Pencil Skirt - Teal
:::Sn@tch Drops of Vanity Earrings
:::Sn@tch Pouncer Wedges
:::Sn@tch Kneesock Black
Wasabi Pills Skye Mesh Hair in Iceberg
Plastik Skin - Poem Shadow Cateye

Gimme a ride to Sn@tch

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