The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, October 26, 2013

There's No Place Like Sn@tch

New Releases at Sn@tch today...with skulls, sequins and velvet, yummmmm.

 The Woeful Wednesday Treat is still out too for only $50 L! This luscious corset dress in 8 colors!

And there's a NEW FISHING OUTFIT this week with 21 parts to fish for for FREE/ It includes a mesh corset (all sizes), Flexy Spiderweb Skirt, Latex Lingerie and Stockings, Top hat with mini veil, 2 makeups and an exclusive Spider Jewelry Set. 

And that's it til next week....ohhh don\t forget our Survival Horror Game, SYSTEM FAILURE is open through Halloween so come play and bring friends! There are a ton of prizes (over 70 at last count) from dozens of fabulous stores PLUS, it's scaryyyyyyy as all heck. 

See you SOON at Sn@tch!

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