The Day We Fight Back

Friday, November 1, 2013

I Like Lots of Sn@tch!

I missed showing off last week's releases, so I have a bumper post for you today full of two week's gorgeousness from Sn@tch! There is something for everyone and such amazing value for your lindens! You can always look great when you're wearing Sn@tch!!!

Layla Layered Dress

Muerta Satin Gown

Quinn Sparkle Dress

Succulent Corset Dress

Alexa Velvet Dress

Judy Retro Poodle Dress

Cropped Corset Top and Sacred Brocade Jeans

Comfy Skull Sweater and Parker Cord Skirt

And don't forget the new fishing outfit is out and super awesome! All you have to do is fish up the pieces and you have some great free looks! Also there is a new VIP gift out, so if you are in the group, snap it up now!!! And don't forget System Failure - this year's incredible Halloween game! It's full of wonderful goodies from some amazing stores! I'll see you there!!!

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