The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, December 1, 2007

At Lasttt....

K for my third and final post for today (I'm getting better LOL) I'm gonna share with you something very close to my heart...the plight of the noob. I'm a noobie helper, always have been (ask Rob, it drives him nuts I think) I've been wanting to do this for as long as I've been able to create. This is the Raven Noobie kit. It comes with Skin, Shape, Hair, Eyes, Cropped Top, Flexi-Prim Skirt, Stockings, Really Messed up Boots, Flip Title, Face Light, Radar Hud and a Sexy Walk Override. This set it FREE to players under 30 days old at our Main Location on Pulse and at our Hecate & Subcultural Branches. Anyways off with the slug hair and get some damn shoes on!

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