The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, December 8, 2007

This is what I love about SL Commerce

I'm gonna share with you all my fave thing about designing in SL. Yea I love making the stuff and doing the ads, and god knows I love selling things, but then you get a little snippet of some real promoting, some real networking...and it warms your cockles like warm cider by the fire. Just got a new store branch at a place I've been dying to get into for awhile now...the AddiXion Shopping District. Well Xion Hax, the owner,(A RAWRR hottie with a hydraulic leg who's actually TALLER than me) has blogged a welcome in his own blog for us and offered to showcase new releases. THAT my friends is promotions and networking at its finest. Bravo Xion! Happy to be with you! Let's make a ton of cash together, whatcha say? -grins- Ohhh btw, go check out the whole sim and the AddiXion store. Hot tatts...I wear em so they must be!

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