The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Catch up Time

I know you all just love it when I dont blog for three weeks and have to do four posts in two days, dontcha? I'm such a slack blogger that I have to check and see what I blogged last! C'est la Vie...for me anyways. I'm the ultimate procrastinator. So without further adieu (more French from high school) here's the first.

The Hellbilly Suede Jeans are prolly my fave pants next to my latex. I'm a sucker for suede and these look so soft and the butt is very kyoot, plus the flare legs give me that hourglass shape I love. 7 dark rich colors...and kinda low waisted but not too much plumbers butt.

The Sideshow Zips come in a ridiculous amount of colors and patterns, solids, strange mixes and some brights and I've also made roadie zips that come in more muted color combos, In two sets you get 8 Colors each for a really low price.

Had a ton of struggles and some fun making these cropped jean jackets. They come in a pack in dark blue, light and faded & black and opened and buttoned options. Course they go great with everything. A jean jacket is a staple for any wardrobe.
More to come, promise or threat -winks-