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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Gates are Open

But it's super late here on the east coast so I'm going to do a bigger post tomorrow with all the details about
Nothing But Nets and the Alternative Fair. For now here's a nudge and a SLurl and a big thank you to all the people who have given so much time, work and love to this cause and event. There are tons of special items that the alternative designers of SL have donated to help our Nothing But Nets team and lots of free gifts too! It takes so little to save a life. Never take it for granted. One child in Africa dies EVERY 30 seconds from a Malaria related infection. That is intollerable. Every 10 dollars US that we raise will protect a family for years from devastating illness and death. Thank you so much for helping us in our campaign to wipe out Malaria in the next decade.

Here is a SLurl

Big thanks also to SL Goth Magazine and the Thrifty Goth Group and HEZ for his scripting wizardry! A big kiss to Sileny Noel and Isabeau Reinard of Broke By Payday for taking on being our official bloggers and huge thank you to all the bloggers that came out today to visit and shop.

We'll see you there!

Our love and gratitude to all of the warm hearted designers and fabulous stores contributing to this years SL Alternative Fair.

IrEn - Irischka Hotshot
Tik Tok-Miah McAuley
The Stringer Mausoleum - Helena Stringer
Moloko - Jolita Korobase
Sassy Kitty - Kinu Mayako
Roxxstar - XxJimmyxX Oh
Emo-Tions - Mirja Mills
U-Neek - Treebee Withnail
Black Canary - Morrigan Denimore
Ironik Kitties - Natasha25 Jewell
Weather! or not? - Further Monday and Fang Roffo
Schadenfreude - Allegory Malaprop
Mango, Mango! - Sileny Noel
Curoius Kitties - Ameshin Yossarian
Funsize Shapes - oxoSimplyxAmandaoxo Magic
Cake or Death - Raelynn Loxely
Retox-Roblem Hogarth
Sn@tch-Ivey Deschanel
Gauze-Yukio Ida
NebuchadNezzar - trilochankaur Rehula
Frick - Fricka
[][]Trap[][] - Selos Dae
Blue Blood - Ghanima Uriza
Studio Sidhe - Faery Sola
Glitter Trash - Delila Enyo
Nighshade Designs - Belladonna Mureaux
A-Bomb - Addison Mortlock, Lavea Alter, Caterina Canning
Ducknipple - beanster Potato
Draconic Kiss - Draconic Lioncourt
Nomine-Munchflower Zaius
Grim Bros - Cutea Benelli
Silent Sparrow - Hyasynth Tiramisu
WoE - Dick Wiesel
DV8 - Vasha Martinek/Dysturbed Sin
Self Expressions (Now Tainted Desires) - Andie Ramona
Burning Chrome & Heartsick - Amesha Jewell
Material Squirrel Wings - Kala Bijoux
Cobrahive - Chikane Kaligawa
Show me on the Doll - Putrid Gloom
*Dreams* - Sanura Snowpaw
Forsaken-Vincentville DeSantis
Arsenic Lace - Hawke Mai
Pepper Spray-Ylva Korhonen
Little Boy Blue - Tomoyuki Batra
Lolapop - Lola79 Hienrichs
Wretched Dollies - Star Fairymeadow
Horribaubles - Horrid Twine
Miu- Zoex Flanagan
Acid & Mala - Mala Oh
Flipside Piercing - Flippa Stella
Black Arts -Chimera666 Graves

I'll be back on the Flipside with more info!

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