The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spirit of the Plain

All Items found at the Alternative Fair
Skin: Nomine Mosaic Skin China - vamp pale
Hair: Crimson & Clover Vian - Honey
Eyes: Sn@tch Gloss Eyes-Dark Hazel
Tattoo: Acid & Mala-Dragon Tattoo
Hat: Show Me on the Doll- Tainted Taxidermy ~ Cow Skull Hat
Shirt: Nomine Sinnerman Buttondown smoke
Pants: Miu- *ZX* Bastard Acid Jeans
Cuffs- -=Forsaken=- Arm Cuffs
Boots- The U-Neek arz black boots

Photos taken at Nomine

Poem: Through White Plains by Daniel Njoroge
Its eye moons the illumes of mortal thoughts,
Map routes into new lands, lands that are lost,
Scratches; embed curves and scribbles,
Curves and scribbles yet untangle wits riddles,
Meandering unknowingly from West to East,
Graphing witty crops; barring no one to feast.
Cunningly slither through White Plains,
Leaking traces of knowledge and wisdom,
Wisdom unconfined mental freedom,
Mental freedom besought division through wisdom,
Kingdom to kingdom, mortal to mortal,
Traces on White Plains bear as portals,
Portals at hand solve souls’ riddles,
Scratches; embed curves and scribbles,
Map ways into new lands that appear lost,
For its eye moons illumes of mortal thoughts.

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