The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Stuff, a few days late

Better Late than never right? it's been a crazy week and I'm finally starting to see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel of work. LOL I had someone in my VIP group say thats prolly a speeding train. But...the Alternative Fair is just about ready to roll and I'm catching up! So here are last Friday's new releases for your perusing. Hope you like!

By far my fave thing of the week. the Squeeky sandals were a team effort between myself and my partner Roblem. He's recently started a sculpting business and has gotten really awesome at it, so I showed him a pic of the platform style I wanted and he went right to work. Now I have my fave shoes ever! Strappy platform sandals with two platform styles, one is flat and the other has a chunky heel sold separately. they both come with texture changing laces on click. 12 colors included AND cute lil Fleur De Lis embellishments on the sides. They fit great and no invisiprim! Loveeeee

I dunno why I had McLovin from Superbad in my head when I made this set LOL, but thats the way my names go. It's whatever strikes me at the time. I adore this set. you get five plaid ruffly dolly skirts with two sweater styles. A shortie cropped V Neck and a long charcoal sweater with sculpted sleeves. I also threw in the socks with kneepads attached cause they just went.

You will see lots of me in these Stomp Knee Pads. No prims, just texture. They come on the sock layer and the underwear layer and I threw in a pair of black knee socks with the pads already attached and a set of fishnet tights like you see in the ad pic.

I made a sweet little roses covered babydoll dress with six rose colors, crocheted top and underskirt layer. Great deal for six dresses and all trans so you can share if you wanna. I'd keep em all though ;)

Loveeee these and they'll be a summer staple for me. Long crocheted tanks in 8 colors and yes totally see through. Not fond of the crack but I love to show nip LOL

Tons of the Shortie cropped V-Neck sweaters on two layers with sculpted sleeves and in 8 fab colors

I'm not a huge fan of showing asscrack but I wanted to do some realllly low latex pants with flares, so I added a pair of leather thongs underneath that are attached so you can look like your pants are falling off but still keep the crack covered. The Superdrop Latex comes in two layers with sculpted flares in 7 colors.

Thats it til next time. Be sweet to each other if you can, and if you can't don't pull back on the first punch -grins-

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